Just How Stupid Is The Treason Bar?
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Just how stupid is the Treason Bar? And other advocates for illegal immigration?  This stupid:
From the Treason Bar:
ILW February 28, 2012 by Laura Danielson

Why So Much Vitriol Toward "Illegals"?
Aside from the desperate recourse to accusations of racism, which shows that they are losing badly, the Treason Bar is just plain stupid:

The American discourse regarding "illegals" seems to be far more prevalent today than it was when I started practicing immigration law, shortly after Ronald Regan approved legislation that both granted amnesty to a large number of undocumented individuals and imposed sanctions on employers who failed to check their workers' documentation going forward.

Poor stupid woman can't even get a President's name correct.

Then she says:

Certainly no one referred to them as "illegals".

What, the term illegal alien appeared in the last few years?

Didn't a Genesis sing about illegal aliens in 1983? Stupid is as stupid does.

Then there is a befuddled Chicago corruptocrat Toni Preckwinkle who is shocked to find out that illegal aliens are treated differently than other people:

Chicago Tribune February 29, 2012 by Antonio Olivo
Preckwinkle and other supporters of the ordinance say ICE detainers have ensnared people arrested for traffic violations and other minor offenses, as well as those later found to be not guilty of the crime for which they were arrested.
Moreover, they argue, detaining people after they've posted bail constitutes illegal search and seizure without probable cause. They point to a ruling last summer by a federal judge who found ICE detainers are not considered criminal warrants.
"What is troubling to me ... is a policy which treats people differently under the law solely based on their immigration status," Preckwinkle wrote Morton last month.
Well, duh, aliens can be deported.  Aliens can also be arrested.  And illegal aliens can be deported even if they aren't convicted of a crime.  We surely live in a idiocracy.
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