Jon Stewart, the Conscience of Television, Defends Louis C.K., the Conscience of Comedy
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In 2015, Jon Stewart, The Conscience of Television, chose as his final interview guest on The Daily Show his good friend comedian Louis C.K., The Conscience of Comedy.

A year later, when Stewart appeared on a talkshow hosted by Obama svengali David Axelrod, a well-prepared audience member raised some awkward questions during an audience Q&A. Slate has the transcript:

Audience member: I wanted to ask you about the last interview on your show, which I think was Louis C.K.

Stewart: Yeah.

Audience member: So from my memory, I think that was after some of the rumors about Louis C.K.’s alleged harassment of female comedians—

Stewart: Whoa.

Audience member: —had sort of started to come out.

Stewart: Wait, what?

Audience member: It was after Jen Kirkman had talked about her knowledge of Louis C.K.’s alleged harassment of comedians—at least people interpreted it that way—and an article on Gawker, I believe, about it. I just wanted to know—if this is the first you’re hearing of it, maybe I already got my answer, but there wasn’t discussion about this on the show.

Stewart: [laughs] Wait, wait, wait. I’m a little lost. So the internet said Louis harassed women. …

Stewart: All I can tell you is I’ve worked with Louis for 30 years and he’s a wonderful man and person and I’ve never heard anything about this.

As all you little people should know by now, we professional comedians never exchange gossip about other professional comedians. Why would anyone imagine a distinguished purveyor of comedic opinion such as myself would want to hear hilariously disgusting stories about one of my most eminent colleagues? I say, sir! You have impugned the dignity of the comicalist profession.
We’ve all known Bill Cosby was a prick for a long time, so I don’t know what to tell you.
Okay, okay, I do know what to tell you: Cosby seemed a little … Republican … you know, for a black guy. So Cosby was fair game. Louis, in contrast, was a big Hillary Man:

Sure, Louis often seemed like he was about to say something politically incorrect that had just occurred to him, but then he’d rein his urge in and give the audience a little lecture instead. Now, that’s what I call Comedy!

But I didn’t know about the sexual assault—

Audience member: Not sexual assault, but—

Axelrod: Sir, appreciate your question. Thank you. And let’s say thanks to Jon Stewart.

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