John Tanton vs. SPLC: Let's See Some Treason Lobby Letters
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We recently reported on Dr. John Tanton's new website. It was set up just in time. This "citizen who has taken up arms for his country", as I called him in Alien Nation, echoing Robert E. Lee on one of his generals, has been smeared yet again by the disgusting Heidi Beirich of the revolting leftist Southern Poverty Law Center ("a shakedown scam that preys on the elderly, Holocaust-haunted rich" - P Brimelow, 2005.) Beircih has been reading 30 years of Tanton's papers which he deposited with the University of Michigan. Obviously, this is not something he would do if he had anything to hide. And he hadn't. All Beirich can say is that Tanton has "corresponded with" people and institutions the SPLC has smeared earlier, such as Professor Kevin MacDonald and the Pioneer Fund. It's smear by association. The SPLC commissars are Stalinists and they want to repress thoughtcrime. For example, Beirich quotes with theatrical horror Tanton's comment to NumbersUSA's Roy Beck (a political herbivore if ever there was one):

I have no doubt that individual minority persons can assimilate to the culture necessary to run an advanced society, but if through mass migration, the culture of the homeland is transplanted from Latin America to California, then my guess is we will see the same degree of success with governmental and social institutions that we have seen in Latin America.

But there's nothing wrong with Tanton raising this question. The Census Bureau has just confirmed that public policy will abolish America's founding white majority by about 2040. When is he supposed to raise it? The answer, of course, is not at all if it's up to the SPLC. Beirich continues to use "white nationalist" as a debate-killing pejorative (one of the prolific and polymathic Tanton's correspondents was Jared Taylor). But of course, as I've repeatedly argued, white nationalism as a movement to defend the interests of American whites is as natural as Hispanic nationalism and Zionism - and inevitable as whites move into a minority. Get used to it, SPLC. I make a cameo appearance in Beirich's broadside (my links):

What may have been most remarkable of all was Tanton’s endorsement of a proposal from another friend – Peter Brimelow, who would later start a racist anti-immigration website – that FAIR hire Sam Francis to edit its newsletter. That proposal, which Tanton sent to FAIR’s Dan Stein on Nov. 3, 1995, was made two months after The Washingon Times fired Francis for racism.

I certainly did make this proposal. And Francis, who had a Ph.D. in history and a distinguished career as a writer and editor, would have been an excellent choice for FAIR. But it didn't happen, exactly because the organization was foolishly afraid of the likes of Heidi Beirich. Tanton is being blamed for something which, in his collective capacity as a FAIR director, he didn't in the end do. The real issue here, of course, is not Tanton's "racism" but the SPLC's treason. The SPLC hates the historic American nation and wants to destroy it. I want to see what 30 years of Beirich and Morris Dees' private letters would reveal.

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