John Leo Says Goodbye
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August 15, 2006, 04:09 AM
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John Leo is retiring, and has filed a farewell column, [Thanks for letting me be part of the conversation, August 13, 2006]although he`ll be setting up a webpage at, (not live yet.) He`s the author of Two Steps Ahead of the Thought Police, By`s standard`s not that close to the line, David Brock doesn`t spend as much time denouncing him as he does denouncing us, but Leo has said some things that the New York Times wouldn`t, and he`s been a valuble resource in the media.

Here are some samples, from just the last six months:

And finally this

In his 1995 book "The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy," the late Christopher Lasch argued that America`s political and cultural elites had opened up a gap between themselves and ordinary Americans. "Many of them have ceased to think of themselves as Americans in any important sense, implicated in America`s destiny for better or worse," he wrote. They are increasingly detached from their fellow citizens and drawn to an international culture, Lasch said, or what we would today call a transnational culture.Transnationalists" don`t take immigration reform seriously

Read the whole thing; there won`t be any more John Leo columns for a while.