JOHN DERBYSHIRE: My Upcoming Speech At VDARE's June Conference
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The cry is going round the chancelleries: ”Derb’s speaking at the VDARE castle mid-June!” Yes, I am; but what shall I be speaking about?

Nothing’s final yet, but the provisional title of my talk will be: ”Are We Doomed? Reflections on our cultural revolution.”

Eschewing false modesty I shall take inspiration from my own 2009 space-time–sundering bestseller We Are Doomed. Tracking forward 14 years on some of the topics I covered there, I shall try to assess the gains and losses for us, the people of the U.S.A., since 2009.

Here are all the chapter headings in my book:

  1.   A Call to Pessimism
  2.   Diversity: Nothing to Celebrate
  3.   Politics: Show Business for Ugly People
  4.   Culture: Pooped Out
  5.   Sex: Surplus to Requirements
  6.   Education: Yale or Jail
  7.   Human Nature: Ask Your Aunt
  8.   Religion: What Shall We Do To Be Saved?
  9.   War: Invading the World
  10.   Immigration: Inviting the World
  11.   Foreigners: Inspecting the World
  12.   The Economy: In Hock to the World
  13.   The Audacity of Hopelessness

That’s too many topics for a 45-minute talk so I shall drop some, probably just covering six or seven, but... I’m still pondering.

If you want to either attend or livestream the conference, email Lydia Brimelow at

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