John Derbyshire Asks: What's Wrong With White Women?
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There was a preponderance of white women at the Bethesda gathering I wrote about  above, where GoodWhites worshipped at the new  "Church Of Antiracism"

White women have been much in evidence at all the protests, and it calls for some kind of explanation.

I should probably say single white women. As Steve Sailer has noted, and as Ed West covers in his new book Small Men on the Wrong Side of History: How To Be A Modern Conservative, which I recommend to your attention, quote from Ed:

The marriage rate among white women remains one of the most reliable variables for predicting the Republican Party's support in any state.

All right, so, single white women: What are they doing, filling the pews at the Church of Antiracism—whose gospel is, let's be blunt about it, anti-white?

I don't know the answer, but whenever this comes up on a Dissident Right human-sciences thread, there's always someone arguing that it's a matter of evolutionary psychology. He argues—and yes, of course it's always a he—that white women are dissatisfied with the weakness of white men, and keen to submit to some more forceful conqueror.

So is the anti-whiteness of single white women the fault of white men somehow? I don't see why it shouldn't be; everything else is.

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