Jindal Pulls a Perry—Talking Tough On Enforcement, After Calling For Amnesty
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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is the latest Republican elected official to pull a Rick Perry.  Much like Perry is posing alongside machine guns with Sean Hannity, Jindal is strutting, swaggering, and telling Barack Obama to prove his masculinity by securing the border.
"Let's be clear – this humanitarian crisis is a predictable one,” Jindal concluded in the email to Breitbart Texas. “It is happening because President Obama’s administration has failed to secure our borders and enforce immigration laws, making our country a magnet for illegal immigrants. And now, the President says he needs more money. This President has jacked our debt into the stratosphere by spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need and can’t afford.  And now, after doing zero to secure our southern border during his Presidency, he has the nerve to say the problem is due to a lack of spending. This President is not serious, and he’s incompetent.  He just needs to man up and secure our border.”

[LA Gov. Bobby Jindal to Obama: 'Man Up and Secure the Border," by Bob Price, Breitbart, August 8, 2014]

Seriously, man up?  Compensating much?

Jindal's record on the issue is hardly tough.  Jindal called for mass legalization in the pages of National Review and said we should "increase legal immigration, by a lot."  Jindal isn't just another one of the Great Nonwhite Hopes of the deeply self-loathing Republican Party — he's another creature of the donor driven cheap labor agenda.  Now of course, he's jumping on the bandwagon of patriotic immigration reform and border security and trying to appear butch.

Unlike Perry and Jindal, immigration patriots can be sure of their opinions — and their masculinity,  apparently.  But we should be happy that that the GOP is following our lead — even if they are doing it kicking and screaming.

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