Pat Buchanan Explains Mass Amnesty to Sean Hannity
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Dumb-as-a-rock amnesty shill Sean Hannity is still trying to convince himself that Saint Rubio’s evil mass legalization scheme will contain enforcement. Pat Buchanan knocked down the lies and foolishness in a recent radio interview.

Buchanan in particular disabused Hannity’s idea that the poor foreign lawbreakers are suffering “in the shadows.”

SEAN HANNITY: Now the question is if we are to follow the laws that we presently have and don’t pass an immigration bill, you still have 11 or 12 million people that are in here illegally and –

PAT BUCHANAN: Why do you have to do anything? What is this nonsense of they’re in the shadows? With due respect, they ought to be in the shadows. They’ve broken the law to get into the country….

HANNITY: But I’m asking you — they didn’t respect our laws of sovereignty, so what happens when they get in the system in someway?

BUCHANAN: Well, there’s no doubt I’m sure when I drive by some of these construction workers, you drive by them. A lot of them are hard-working people, I don’t deny that. Many of them are very friendly people. I don’t know whether folks or legal or illegal, but do nothing. You don’t have to bribe — you don’t have to give up your principled positions –

The fact that at least 6.9 million illegal aliens have resided in the US for a decade or longer shows that legal documents are not required for foreigners to get along just fine — see Illegal Aliens’ Length of Residence Demonstrates Amnesty Is Unnecessary.

Not only is it unwise to reward lawbreakers because it will encourage more bad behavior, the illegal aliens themselves don’t need it.

Some people say that Hannity is walking back his stupid flip-flop to support amnesty, but I don’t see it:

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