Jews by Movement (Orthodox And Non-Orthodox) on Immigration and White Privilege
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James Bowery:

I’d like to see this kind of [Jewish 2016 presidential election vote] breakdown on immigration policy. It is clear from a dispassionate reading of the history of immigration politics that Jews have been the driving force for open borders — dwarfing even the Catholic church in influence.

The Cooperative Congressional Election Study of 2018 surveyed 60,000 people. The smallest Jewish sample from the three items considered here is an impressive 1,490, permitting us to drill down into broad religious movements among Jews. For comparative purposes, positions of whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are also shown.

On building the wall:

On Trump’s executive order banning travel from multiple predominantly Islamic countries:

On immigration, non-Orthodox Jews are broadly in line with non-whites. Orthodox Jews, in contrast, are broadly in line with whites.

As a tangential bonus, on the existence or lack of white privilege in American society (“neither agree nor disagree” responses are not shown–consequently totals sum to less than 100%):

A similar alignment to what emerges on the issue of immigration exists here, though non-Orthodox Jews are a little more skeptical of the existence of “white privilege” than are non-whites.

CCES variables used: RACE(1-4), RELIGPEW_JEWISH, CC18_322a, CC18_417_c, CC18_422a(1-2)(4-5)

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