Japan Capitulates On Refugees!! Will Accept 60 In 2020!!!!
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At Taki's Magazine ["Takimag"], where VDARE.com's Steve Sailer also posts frequently, one of the article categories is Issue of the Century (click on any of the articles there). As is appropriate, their "issue of the century" is the onslaught of would-be immigrants from the Third World on First World societies.

In mid-September, the editors posted the "first installment" of what they promise will be a monthly column, Global Refugee Roundup.  The latest installment was posted on October 25: Global Refugee Roundup: Spanish Caravan Edition.

In that second piece, they hopscotch the globe, providing the generally dismal news on refugees' doings or refugee policy in Turkey, Spain, Israel, U.S., Morocco, Italy, Australia, and Greece, and then finishing with Japan.  Here's that concluding entry:    

The Japanese, who have one of the world’s strictest immigration policies and don’t seem to care what people call them as a result, have finally caved to international pressure.

They have promised that by the year 2020, they will double the number of refugees they accept.

In that year, they promise to take in a whopping grand total of sixty refugees.

Would that everyone was as wise as the Japanese.

The wisdom of the Japanese—at least regarding immigration—is a recurrent theme here at VDARE.com.  As did the Takimag editors, our own James Kirkpatrick put it well:

Countries like Hungary or Japan that brush off accusations of “racism” and prevent immigration actually prevent accusations of bias and major social problems in the long run. The only way to win the game of Diversity is not to play.



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