James Watson On Temporary Workers—And Day Labor
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James Watson has throwaway line, not obviously related to race, that's caused some comment:

One in three people looking for a job in temporary employment bureaux in Los Angeles is a psychopath or a sociopath. Is this a consequence of their environment or their genetic components? DNA sequencing should give us the answer. [James Watson: To question genetic intelligence is not racism - Independent Online Edition October 19, 2007 ]

A couple of people have asked what he means by this, and where he gets his figures. The Independent isn't like VDARE.com—if one of our writers makes a claim like that, we make him prove it,with hyperlinks and citations. This also applies to respectable journals of opinion like, say Commentary Magazine, although I'm afraid there may be an upsurge in wild, unsourced, allegations under their new editor. (Don't blame the Independent, by the way—newspapers don't have time to factcheck, and have to trust their writers.)

Anyhow, this is what I was able to find

The men with antisocial personality disorder also exhibited reduced physiological responses in a stressful situation, the researchers found. Asked to prepare and deliver a speech ''about their faults'' in front of a video camera, they had lower heart rates and sweated less during the exercise than subjects in other groups.

Such findings, Dr. Raine and his colleagues suggested, could indicate that as children, people with antisocial tendencies might be less responsive to criticism or punishment, and ''hence become predisposed to antisocial behavior.''

The subjects in the study were recruited from five temporary employment agencies in Los Angeles.(Emphasis added)[Brain Abnormality Linked To Pathology,By ERICA GOODE , New York Times, February 15, 2000]

This is based on this article:Reduced Prefrontal Gray Matter Volume and Reduced Autonomic Activity in Antisocial Personality Disorder Adrian Raine, DPhil; Todd Lencz, PhD; Susan Bihrle, PhD; Lori LaCasse, BA; Patrick Colletti, MD, Archives of General Psychiatry, 2000;57:119-127.

You need to remember that " temporary employment agencies " here doesn't mean Kelly Girls, or Robert Half—it means day laborers, with strong backs and no full-time jobs.

Even when these guys are white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, (which is probably rare in LA,) they tend to be somewhat given to drinking and thuggish behavior.

Thirty years ago I heard a loading dock foreman ask angrily "Why wasn't so-and-so in on Monday?" But when he was informed that the missing worker had been in jail for being drunk and disorderly, he said, "Oh, that's all right, not his fault, he couldn't show up for work if he was in jail." Don't try this excuse at your office job—they won't like it, but the foreman clearly felt that it would be unreasonable to expect guys who spend eight hours a day doing heavy lifting to conform to middle-class expectations.

But here's the takeaway point, made by Brenda Walker here, for your own safety you should not be hiring illegal day labor to work in your home:

No mention of the ugly down side of the neo-slave economy, however the murders, rapes and property crimes that occasionally result from unidentified workers.

The family of the late Mary Nagle surely regret allowing illegal alien Douglas Herrera to do painting prep work on their house. The mother of two was savagely raped and murdered in her bedroom by a man who was supposed to supply cheap labor only.

Another horrific case was the murder of an elderly couple, Eugenia and Sabato Russo, who owned a popular North Hollywood restaurant. A Mexican national who had worked as one of a flooring crew in the Russo home returned to rob and kill them.

The MSM wants naive Americans to think there is no danger in bringing total strangers from foreign countries into their homes, thereby revealing possessions, children and individual vulnerability to crime. Common sense concerns about safety would distract from the warm feelings of helping willing workers of the world, so the press leaves out that part.

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