Muslim Immigrants Rioting In Amsterdam
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Via Gateway Pundit

A young male Muslim, and associate of the Hofstad terrorist group, was shot dead after he attacked two police officers in Amsterdam on Sunday.
His death sparked Muslim riots in the Slotervaart neighbourhood in western Amsterdam including an attack on the police station!

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Six years ago on

Once again, the fallacy of assuming that external assimilation is more than skin deep becomes clear.

In Holland also, the Arabic and Muslim population offers critical support for the bin Laden network as well as for several other Middle Eastern terrorist groups. In fact, Muslim immigrants have invented what reporter Adriana Stuijt calls "a new form of terrorism against the civilian population at large." "'Muslim cultural organizations' have turned the streets of Antwerp and Rotterdam into main battle grounds for Muslim-fundamentalist male criminal youth gangs who deliberately attack, rob an invade ethno-European cultural events and throngs of shoppers in the large shopping districts." As the white European birth rate falls while that of Third World immigrants to Europe rises, the Muslims know very well whose continent Europe will soon become. It's the Europeans who don't have a clue.

In Rotterdam, she reports, "These gangs target major shopping districts and traditional European cultural and sporting events to rob, terrorize and abuse especially the ethno-Dutch population. During these organized attacks, the youths are also seen to deliberately target ethno-European girls and women, demanding that they start obeying the strict Muslim shari'a laws favored by terrorist regimes in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya."

[10/18/01 - Mass Immigration Creates Terrorist Haven in Europe, By Sam Francis]

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