Happy St. Patrick's Day
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Happy St. Patrick's Day to all our Irish-American and Irish readers. Mark Steyn has a post today on how the "No Irish Need Apply" signs "remembered" by anti-Nativist immigration enthusiasts are an urban myth, a subject covered previously on VDARE.com.

Of course, as I pointed out a while later, modern "affirmative action " recruiting might as well say "No Irish Need Apply." since the Irish are the wrong color for minority recruiters.

So in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I have a few examples of our coverage of the Irish diaspora:

My March 17, 2001 column, The Camp Of St. Patrick, about Irish immigration in the nineteenth century, (not an unmixed blessing)

An Irish-American Reader Complains About Fulford's 's "Ganging Up On America." a response to my take on Gangs of New York. Ireland: Though All The World (Specifically, The Irish PM) Betray Thee. by Martin Kelly

When Everyone Is Irish,The Times (London, England), March 21, 1987 By Peter Brimelow, explaining St. Patrick's Day to the English.

Barack O'Bama, Irishman The Brogue Wears Off: Why The Catholic Church Is Addicted To Immigration By J.P. Zmirak

And more from my last year's post on St. Patrick's Day here.

By the way, some schools, out of their fear of anything connected with the Christian religion, have started referring to this as "Green Day"—one blogger writes [March 17, 2008]

Happy Green Day

Or, as it's NOT known at my son's school, St Patrick's Day. Are we so afraid of anything remotely religious now that St Patrick has been demoted to just being Green?


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