"Winter`s Bone"
Thumb sailer
February 01, 2011, 09:39 PM
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Over at Taki`s Magazine, I review Winter`s Bone, which received four Oscar nominations:

Winter`s Bone, an arthouse detective drama now out on DVD, is the Scots-Irish hillbilly equivalent of all those fine recent movies about the Irish Catholic Massachusetts underclass such as The Fighter and The Town (which Winter`s Bone edged out for a Best Picture Oscar nomination). It`s splendidly written and acted, although poorly lit.

In passing, I recount my own quite different (but not wholly dissimilar) experience in the heart of the Ozarks.

Two decades ago, I would frequently set out from my corner office across Wacker Blvd. from Chicago`s Sears Tower for remote Bentonville, Arkansas, where I would be severely out-negotiated by Walmart`s Ozark Avengers. Sam Walton had made himself the richest man on Earth in part by demanding that us city-slicker salesmen leave behind corporate America`s expense-account bonhomie of skyboxes and wine lists to come wrestle over bottom-line terms with his hungry staffers in his headquarters` windowless interrogation cells.

Read the whole thing there.