It`s Not Only "Mexican Radio"
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March 12, 2011, 02:28 PM
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In response to my recent Mexican Radio article a reader wrote:
...But it`s not just from Mexico. Here in NYC,there are now 15 Spanish-language stations on broadcast radio,and most of them are marketed to Puerto Ricans.The Miami-area, last time I heard,has 14 broadcast stations broadcasting mostly to Cubans.So,while La Conquista radio is primarily Mexican,it`s also Puerto Rican,Dominican and Cuban(the "Cab Lats")...
The reader is right, of course, it`s not just "Mexican Radio", although the song was cool so the title was catchy. In fact, in the article I quoted about two Tulsa stations going Spanish, one of the stations is becoming `a Spanish-language pop station that plays "rhythmic Latino pop," a genre popular in Latin American countries outside of Mexico.`