Is The Z-man Under Attack? Is Everybody?
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Now here's a funny thing.

In last Friday's podcast (distilled extract here) I referred to the excellent Dissident Right blogger Z-man.

At some point very shortly after I composed that podcast, the Z-man's blog, which is/was hosted by WordPress, became inaccessible.  When I checked a few minutes ago it was still inaccessible. It's back up now.

Even odder:, the aggregator I use, is still passing the Z-man's posts through to me.  I can actually read their text portion, though not the comment threads, on my feed.

Odder yet, or possibly not: The Z-man's latest post, from this morning, concerns science blogger Greg Cochran.  It makes reference to the paper Greg published with the late Henry Harpending on the natural history of Ashkenazi intelligence.  Reading this post on, I see that the word "Jews" has been blacked out.


That seems to be Z-man himself being cute, I suppose, just as the blog being out of commission might be Z having forgotten to pay his electric bill or something.

Alternatively, the problem might be on my end. His most recent podcast alludes to the fact that his blog is blocked by various ISPs.

In the present environment, though, it's also possible that the Z-man has fallen afoul of some Feedly or WordPress algorithms. Those blacked-out occurrences of "Jews" might be auto-censoring of words we are not supposed to use.  "Jews"?  Really? Well, Twitter has banned the phrase "illegal alien," apparently unaware that it is used in federal statutes.  "Jews" is used in the Bible, if I recall correctly.

There's something cockeyed somewhere.

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