Is Facebook Aiding The Invasion Of Our Country?
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Currently, there is a major public relations campaign against Facebook by the Main Stream Media. The argument is that Facebook is not doing enough to control what journalists consider "misinformation." The censorship that has already deplatformed so many conservatives was apparently insufficient. This campaign against Facebook is reportedly coordinated [Facebook: 30 journalists working on 'coordinated' articles based on new leaked documents, by Daniel Howley, Yahoo Finance, October 18, 2021]. This reminds me of the "JournoList" scandal from a few years ago. 

In situations like these, the temptation is to defend the corporation. Few want to support woke journalists who support "whistleblowers" that want more censorship [When 'Whistleblowers' Are Censorsby Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, October 18, 2021]. Yet we should not be deceived. Facebook is not just censorious and anti-conservative. It can be argued that they are allowing criminal activity. The company is aiding and abetting the current invasion of our country. 

Facebook has acknowledged it allows people to share information on how to immigrate illegally or be smuggled into the U.S., saying it crafted the policy to give them a shot at asylum and prevent them from relying on human traffickers.

The company made the admission in a private letter to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. Mr. Brnovich was stunned by the revelation and wrote a letter late last week to the Justice DepartmentHe asked U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to open an investigation into the social media giant and find a way to “stop its active encouragement and facilitation of illegal entry.”

Facebook’s policy of allowing posts promoting human smuggling and illegal entry into the United States to regularly reach its billions of users seriously undermines the rule of law,” Mr. Brnovich wrote. “The company is a direct facilitator, and thus exacerbates, the catastrophe occurring at Arizona’s southern border.”

[Facebook users allowed to share advice, tips on crossing border illegalityby Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, October 17, 2021]

We are under no obligation to defend this company. Instead, the company must be forced via state power to allow lawful speech on the platform and ban criminal conspirators from using the platform to communicate [Platform Access is A Civil Rightby Will Chamberlain, Human Events, October 19, 2021]. Those who aren’t willing to use state power to solve this problem are not serious.

What we have now is a situation in which normal Americans can't use this platform, but criminals can. It's corporate anarcho-tyranny. In the current situation, the former President of the United States cannot communicate on Facebook. However, overt lawbreaking is openly allowed. Will the Republicans do anything about this if they recapture Congress? I suspect they'll simply just fundraise off it. 

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