Indian-American Professor Slammed For Noticing Hispanic Immigrants Aren't Likely To Be Professors Of Anything
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Dr. Rohit Parikh, an Indian-American, is a professor of computer science at Brooklyn College. How much longer he will have that post is anyone's guess, as Dr. Parikh made the mistake of considering American national interests when it comes to the issue of immigration. 

In the now-deleted post, the Harvard-educated academic said Latinos drop out of school at a high rate and that America needs an increasingly educated populace in order to compete, the group said.

“Hispanics are GOOD people, gentle and nice and not at all criminal,” the posting reads. “But are they really the population which America needs for the rest of this century when more and more education is required?”

Parikh also drew a distinction between high-achieving Indian immigrants and Latinos before noting that illegals deserved to get chucked out of the country, the students said.

“And yes, I do believe that everyone who is illegally here should be deported but that the US should support them in their home country,” the posting said. “Immigration, yes. Chaotic and illegal immigration, NO, NO, NO and NO!”

[Professor faces backlash after questioning desirability of Hispanic immigrants, by Selim Algar, New York Post, October 23, 2018]

One of the more amusing truths about race relations in these dark times is that non-whites are often more willing to notice and speak about the obviously true things that whites know to ignore out of self-preservation.

Obviously, any self-respecting country would deport illegal immigrants. Obviously, any self-respecting country would prefer immigrants who have something to contribute to the country to those who don't. However, in Clown World America, immigrants are given preferential treatment precisely because they hate the country and don't have any useful skills. Furthermore, it's actually advocating for the enforcement of laws and loyalty to the country that makes you an enemy of the state and a target for violence

Inside Higher Ed is signal boosting the campaign. 

The college did not offer comment on the matter, which has prompted student groups to demand disciplinary action against Parikh. Student critics say that the Brooklyn campus enrolls undocumented students and that Parikh’s words represent a threat to their safety. 
[Backlash on professor's post on immigrationby Colleen Flaherty, October 24, 2018]

Again, at this college, it is precisely because students say a common sense Facebook boost is a "threat to their safety" that they are given more power. In a normal society, such raving lunatics would be locked away in a padded cell to prevent their continued descent into madness. However, in Clown World America, a professor calling for the enforcement of immigration laws means that he is the one who must be subject to the judgment of emotionally unstable students.

Of course, the professor's comments may well be a "threat" to the students' position. Given how many students are illegitimately in the country because of lax immigration law enforcement or in college because of affirmative action, patriotic immigration enforcement could indeed be a threat to their continued occupation of our country.

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