Independence Day Thoughts On How Reagan Got To Do What He Did
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The Great Communicator - Not Compromiser

The Great Communicator - Not Compromiser

In a nice touch, the British chose Independence Day to unveil their new statue of Ronald Reagan in their capital: Ronald Reagan statue unveiled in London 7/4/2011

A generation has now grown up which has no memory of the over-arching promise of destruction by the Communist bloc with which their immediate predecessors lived with every day. Many find it difficult to credit that even sophisticated - and by no means cowardly - professional political observers like National Review publisher Bill Rusher could believe, as he told Peter Brimelow one day in the late 1970s

"You know the problem we've got here is insoluble, we've left it too late, and the Red Flag will one day wave over the world...the Soviet Union will one day conquer the world."(

Consequently many have no comprehension of Reagan's achievements, and it is very easy to find MSM and Academic pygmies belittling them. As Peter Brimelow said in his obituary of Reagan

His success was so total that the two parallel crises that brought him to power...the Cold War and inflation...are now discounted and forgotten.

But with the Presidential election cycle getting underway, and the nation facing a threat of destruction as deadly as offered by Russia led by the Communists, it is fruitful to consider how Reagan got to do what he did. From the VDARE obituary:

Reagan was a ferocious conservative ideologue in the 1960s at a time when it meant upsetting people who were comfortable with the conventional liberalism (and they got really upset). And also when it meant being pessimistic about things like the intentions of the Soviet Union and the efficacy of price controls, about which everyone desperately, and hysterically, wanted to believe the best.

In short, Reagan did not despair. Furthermore, he was very willing to defy convention and get people angry. He had steel. He did not win by compromising. America needs another Reagan

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