Deserve Each Other
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The latest NY Post revelation into why the DA lost confidence in DSK's accuser is that while the city had her stashed for free in a hotel in Brooklyn, "She was turning tricks on the taxpayers' dime!" Meanwhile, the story is that she filed the false rape charge because DSK refused to pay her for her extra special service. Is he just cheap, or had he been under the assumption that the sight of his naked 62-year-old body had filled her with instant non-mercenary lust, and thus her asking for money afterwards wounded his amour-propre? DSK's worldview of female motivations sometimes seems learned from 1970s Penthouse letters to the editor, the ones that usually began: "I belong to a fraternity at a small Midwestern liberal arts college, and I'd never believed Penthouse's letters-to-the-editor until one night when I ordered a pizza delivered and ..." How much you want to bet that this real-life Pepe LePew has a prescription for testosterone supplements?
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