In Met Conductor James Levine Sex Charges, MSM Doesn't Want To Say Victims Are Teen Boys
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When I saw an NYT story about Metropolitan Opera Conductor James Levine, who's been let go from the Met over charges of sexual abuse of vulnerable young musicians, I couldn't remember if the victims were male or female. [James Levine’s Final Act at the Met Ends in Disgrace By Michael Cooper, March 12, 2018 ]

I had to scroll down to paragraph nine, before I found that the victims were male. (When I get story with a buried lede, sometimes I paste the story into MS Word, and use its Numbered List function to count the paragraphs.)

There are lot of headlines about Mr. Levine's removal, none of the headlines  say "boys" or "gay".  Uninformative headlines are an MSM specialty—see here for Media Matters complaining that Fox Nation headline was too informative.

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