And Then They Came for Opera Conductor James Levine (Over Underage Boys)
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James Levine, conductor of the Metropolitan Opera of New York for most of the last four decades, is the latest in Weinsteingate. Apparently it’s been widely rumored for many years that Levine likes teenage boys “Death in Venice”-style, which might expose several deep pocketed institutions to liability. The age of consent in Illinois is 17, 18 in positions of authority or trust, and Levine’s accuser says he was 16. But then it went on until he was 23, so … As one commenter says, this may explain why Levine wouldn’t conduct Benjamin Britten’s boy-crazed operas like Billy Budd or Peter Grimes.

What percentage of gay men accused in Weinsteingate are accused of offenses with underage males?

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