In London, 88 Year Old White Veteran Rescues Raceless Victim From Raceless Thugs
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London’s Evening Standard tells us the exciting story of an 88-year-old Korean War vet in London who stopped a gang during its attack on a woman. But as usual, we get no data on the attackers or the victim.
An 88-year-old military veteran who rescued a young woman from five knife-wielding robbers today said: “Fear is not in my dictionary.”

John Nixon brought down one of the thugs with a karate chop to the neck but an accomplice then slashed his hands and head. The attackers fled as the woman ran away screaming.

Mr Nixon was taken to hospital after a neighbour raised the alarm.

He told the Standard he stepped in after seeing the youths grab at the woman’s handbag and clothes in Raglan Street, Kentish Town.

War veteran, 88, floored thug with karate chop to save woman from knife gang,

By Barney Davis, February 19, 2018

Nice story. But nowhere does it divulge anything about these attackers. Did the reporter ask Nixon? Or the victim? Or police? Who knows?

This unintentionally amusing note adorns the end: “Anyone with information is asked to call police in Camden via 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

Problem is, readers have no information to report because the newspaper didn’t provide any. Granted, “anyone with information” likely witnessed the crime. But what about anyone who might report the gang based on a description in the newspaper?

This is what a Google Image Search for "Camden gangs London" looks like:

As usual, we may assume the “thugs” are likely “Asian youths,” meaning Muslims, until told otherwise.

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