Immigration Raids, Skanky Employers And Innocent Kids
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Last week, ICE officials raided Michael Bianco Inc. in New Bedford, Massa company which specializes in the manufacturing of high-end leather goods such as Coach label handbags and accessories.

After securing several multi-million dollar military contracts for vests, boots, etc. the Michael Bianco company realized they needed more workers to keep up with demandspecifically, they needed more cheap labor by the way of illegal immigrants.

Greedy, greedy, greedy pigs.

Anyhow, a majority of the illegal immigrants busted were womenof course. Several were pregnant and most had small children. This unfortunately always seems to be the case when it comes to ICE raids.

Before I get into that let me say this: the Michael Bianco Company is uniquely pathetic and nasty. These people would actually impose fines against their workers if they committed such offenses as taking to long in the bathroom or (gasp!) talking while they worked.

The fines ranged anywhere from $20 to $50 per offense and increased with each subsequent offense. Good grief! Regardless of the immigration status held by their employees, these jerks should be shut down for sheer cruelty.

These kinds of employment practices should never, never be found in America! Third-world countries or maybe Hell but not America!

In any event, hundreds of illegal alien employees are now being held pending deportation proceedings although a handful of pregnant employees were released for humanitarian reasons.

The question remains: What do we do with the kids?

Some are technically American citizens having been born here and others are too young to be separated from their mamas.

Already, there are lawyers galore planning their appeals to keep these women (and men) here in the States so as not to separate them from their children. While these proceedings are pending, the kids are either left with relatives or left as wards of the state.

Yes, this is sad. Yes, nobody wants to see these families torn apart.

BUT who is to blame?

The MSM would have us believe the American immigration system is to blame. The MSM paints these ICE officials as spiteful, unfeeling agents who have nothing better to do than to rip apart families.

The fact of the matter is, these illegal immigrants knew the risks when they snuck into the United States and unlawfully took jobs, rented homes etc.

The fact of the matter is, they don't have to be separated from their families if they take them with them when they return to their country of origin—most of the illegal immigrants coming from Mexico and Central America.

Even if some of these kids are technically American citizens, they belong with their parents in Mexico.

If immigration advocates want to avoid traumatic situations such as these, they need to stop immigrants from coming here illegally in the first place rather than crying foul when we enforce our laws.

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