Immigration Enthusiasm At CUNY
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CUNY (The City University of New York) is really enthusiastic about immigrants, and has a whole "Nation Of Immigrants" webpage, as well as having immigration services on Campus, and giving the Naturalization people facilities for swearing in services.

Veteran's Day note: what they don't have, at most of CUNY, is ROTC. If you want to be a citizen and become eligible for taxpayer-supported services, including the "free" college at CUNY, then you're fine with them.

If you should want to join the Army and fight for your country, whether America is your adopted or native country, you're out of luck.

But I noticed this interesting slip on their "Distinguished Immigrant CUNY Alumni" page –they listed both Shirley Chisholm and General Colin Powell (a graduate of CUNY ROTC) as immigrants.

Both of them were American-born, in New York, of immigrant parents. I knew that, because both Shirley Chisholm and Colin Powell were proposed as candidates for President–Chisholm in 1972, she had no political traction but she made the cover. of Ms. Magazine

And of course, no one but a natural-born citizen can be President. (No matter who they are.)

I don't know if any of the others on the list were non-immigrants, but it was interesting to see who was born where—Abe Beame was born in England, although his family was only there briefly. And A. M. Rosenthal was born in Canada, but that deserves a blog post of its own.

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