Reconquista Comes To LAUSD
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A reader points us to this story:

Discord roils L.A. Unified parent panel: Acrimony with racial overtones has plagued the advisory council. The key issue: whether meetings in Spanish should be allowed, By Howard Blume, Los Angeles Times, November 10, 2007.

For months, parents on a Los Angeles Unified School District advisory council have disagreed over whether their meetings should be conducted in Spanish or English. Such arguments became so abusive that district officials canceled meetings for two months and brought in dispute-resolution specialists and mental-health counselors.

But Friday morning's gathering of the District Advisory Council proved dysfunctional in any language.

By one vote, parents censured their own chairman for alleged bad behavior, leading to a walkout of most Spanish-speakers. The rebuked chairman, Roberto Fonseca, followed them out of the room. Most voting for the censure were African American, adding racial overtones to the back-and-forth hectoring.

She says:

WOW!!! Why don't the Spanish just admit that they want to control LA?

WOW!!! I'm sorry to say this but what horrible people!!!!

Which about sums it up. What part of "Reconquista" do America's supposed leaders not understand?

Footnote: as part of my continuing scholarly quest to track the metastasizing meaning of "racism", I note this interesting new definition (my emphasis):

Those who walked out included Guadalupe Aguiar, one of the parents who felt that Fonseca was treated unfairly, especially because Friday was the last meeting before new elections. She added that she considers it racist when parents are told that, in America, they have to speak English.
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