Immigration Debate Update: Senate Votes To Strike Down Key Amendment From Sensenbrenner Bill
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The debate in the Senate over immigration reform is heated and contentious...and going absolutely nowhere.

As I mentioned earlier, I got up early and clicked on C-SPAN just to watch the festivities and so far they have managed to agree on one thing: lunch time!

Well, that's not entirely accurate. They also managed to strip a key amendment from the legislation...

One of the key elements to the Sensenbrenner bill was an amendment which would make aiding and abetting illegal aliens a felony.

Yeah...groups such as Humane Borders that provide food, water and even shelter to those illegally crossing the desert or bigger organizations such as the Catholic Church would be held accountable for their lawlessness.

Without Republican Senators Brownback of Kansas and DeWine of Ohio joining the 8 Democrats on the committee with an "aye" vote, the amendment would not have passed.

An amendment proposed by Senator Feinstein (D-CA) to increase the number of border patrol agents was also approved.

The score stands thus:

Illegal Immigrants 2

Americans 0

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