Immigration Debate Update: Ok, I Can't Take Anymore
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Senators Leahy and Domenici are stark raving mad!

Then again...maybe the whole Senate is mad!

We have yet to hear from a single Member of our illustrious Senate who thinks we ought to punish illegal aliens for breaking the law.

On the contrary, we have heard much about Leahy's Canadian wife and Domenici's Italian mother.

Hmm...I wonder if Mrs. Leahy or Mrs. Domenici ever walked the streets of Los Angeles brandishing Mexican flags and desecrated American flags while chanting about taking back "their country"? Scroll down the page at Michelle Malkin's Blog for pictures (here).

"Peaceful" demonstrations as Leahy called them...then again, Leahy also thanked MALDEF and La Raza for their efforts...God help us.

For those of you who have written to encourage me to run for the Senate:

I would only set foot in the Senate if I could round up all the Members and smack them around—that's hardly an effective campaign slogan!

On second thoughts...that just might work!

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