Immigration Debate Update: Senator Sessions Opposes The "No Illegal Alien Left Behind Act"
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Hee Hee...

Senator Sessions (R-Alabama) has been arguing the merits of the Specter bill for some time and has even gone so far as to say he will vote against it.

Ok, that's one.

This is the best part:

He has taken the time to explain how the Specter bill is, in fact, amnesty as it legalizes the status of essentially every illegal alien in the U.S.

He says the bill should be called the "No Illegal Alien Left Behind Act"

Unfortunately, Sessions has also said that he will support a guest worker plan—he was sooo close to being my hero.

Then again, he just said "We are not here to serve the interests of agri-business, we are here to serve the people of the United States."

He's back in contention...

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