Illegal Aliens "Welcome"—MN Police Chief. Email If You Disagree.
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In today's Minneapolis Star Tribune, Chaska, Minnesota police chief, Scott Knight, (952-448-4200, [email protected]), is seen welcoming 500 Mexican Nationals who are shown at a "mobile" Mexican Consulate where they are receiving the infamous Matricula Consular identification cards. The Mayor's office of Chaska (Mayor - Gary F. Van Eyll: 952-448-4300 or [email protected]) had no comment either. But the receptionist, like the Police Chief's receptionist, seemed to think the whole thing was a good idea. [Mexican immigrants find welcome mat out in Chaska Darlene Prois, Star Tribune November 5, 2004]

Police Chief Knight was not available for comment and has not returned my phone calls asking for an explanation.

I contacted Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty's office (651-296-3391, [email protected]) but received no response from his assistant handling the phone calls—Governor Pawlenty was elected on the premise that all immigrants in Minnesota should have proper U.S. identification as well as a valid driver's license that indicated their status. Governor Pawlenty has also recently requested that Minnesota cities make it easier to gain immigrant data.

Other Police Chiefs in Minnesota have decided, on their own, that violating federal law is all right in the case of illegal aliens—the fact they have sworn to uphold the law means nothing to them. Neither, apparently, does the opinion of the legal citizens of Minnesota.

Hopefully these people will receive enough email and phone calls letting them know someone cares about their wilful law breaking.

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