Here It Comes!—The Elite's Post-Election Amnesty Dessert
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What takes not one but several members of the Bush Cabinet to Mexico next week, so soon after the election? ["Mexico Seeks U.S. Immigration Changes," by Mark Stevenson, Miami Herald, November 6, 2004].

To apologize for Arizona's Proposition 200, which Mexico's Foreign Relations Department has already had the arrogance to denounce? Or to applaud Mexican Interior Secretary Creel's recent insolent remark

"'It's absurd that [the United States] is spending as much as it's spending to stop immigration flows that can't be stopped ... instead of using that money on real threats that pose risks for both countries'"

According to the San Antonio Express-News ["Immigration Accord Seen By Hutchison, Mexican Official," by Guilermo X. Garcia, November 5 2004], Presidents Bush and Fox agreed to "initiate high priority talks especially with respect to immigration" during Fox's congratulatory phone call on Friday morning.

Looks like another amnesty on the Election dessert menu.

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