Ten Commandments Banned In Alabama, But Even One Is Illegal In Holland
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I posted an article on the murder of Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam on Tuesday morning (2 November) on VDARE.com.

Here is a follow-up which is hard to believe:

Chris Ripke is a Rotterdam artist. His artist studio is close to a mosque in the Insulindestraat. Shocked by the murder last Tuesday of fellow artist Theo van Gogh, Chris painted an angel on the exterior wall of his studio with the text "Thou shalt not kill" ("Gij zult niet doden").

His neighbors in the mosque found the text "offensive" and called the Rotterdam mayor, the Liberal Ivo Opstelten. [] This morning, 4 November, the mayor ordered the police to erase the painting from Mr. Ripke's wall, because it was "racist."

When the police and the men from the town service arrived to erase the "racist" painting, Wim Nottroth, a television journalist, positioned himself in front of the painting in protest. The police arrested him.

A camerawoman who filmed everything was forced by the police to erase part of the pictures.

You can find a picture of the painting on this weblog:

The video of the police arresting Mr. Nottroth and erasing the text "Thou shalt not kill" from the private wall of artist Chris Ripke, because the text is "racist" and "offensive" to some Muslim extremists, can be seen here: [click for video ]

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