Illegal Aliens: The Patient Zeroes Of The Wuhan Virus
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It is China that gave us the latest Corona virus, and this is not the first version of the flu that came from China, whether it is the misnamed Spanish Flu, or the flu outbreaks in the United States in 1957 and 1968. I was not around for the flu pandemic that killed over 100,000 Americans in the late 50s (known at the time as the "Asian flu") but I was around, and a vulnerable child in the 1968 Hong Kong Flu pandemic.

There was no shutdown, there was nothing. I quizzed my older brother and an uncle about the 1968 pandemic and none recall it. It was from China though.

We don’t know the Patient Zero of these earlier pandemics, but for the current pandemic we do know the Chinese Virus Patient Zero, and it’s an immigrant of some sort. Press reporting does not say if this immigrant was legal or illegal, so I will go with illegal because that is something the Lying Press would cover up. It started in a Sanctuary State, Washington, and spread throughout the nation, mostly through aliens, legal and illegal. Not just in New York, the center of the China Plague, but also though presumably illegal alien field hands in the Pacific Northwest, not just Washington, but the other Sanctuary State, Oregon. Lesson learned, border control is plague control.

For weeks they’d heard reports from family and on Chinese social media about a virus terrorizing Central China, where several had relatives. Now the new coronavirus had landed at their doorstep. On Jan. 21, Washington state had announced the nation’s first confirmed case of what would come to be called COVID-19: in a Snohomish County man who had returned from Wuhan, the epicenter of the crisis.

“What China goes through, we will all go through,” Wang, principal of the Sammamish Chinese School, later said.

[How The Coronavirus Overwhelmed Washington State’s Early Efforts To Contain It, by Daniel Gilbert and David Gutman, Seattle Times, April 5, 2020]

Truer words were never spoken: What China goes through, gets brought to our shores, including diseases.

And it is not just the Chinese bringing disease and economic collapse due to politically contrived panic, it is the usual Hispanic illegal aliens from south of the border. Our Lugenpresse, of course, does not specifically identify the disease spreaders as aliens, legal or illegal, just by words designed to deceive, just “seasonal workers” as if that did not mean illegal aliens working in jobs obtained by fraud, deceit, or connivance with their employer, the Slave Power at Townsend Farms.

The state of Oregon reported three more deaths and 49 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Thursday. The state’s death toll now stands at 151.

Among the newly confirmed cases are seasonal workers at Townsend Farms operations in Multnomah and Washington counties.

Public health investigators with Oregon Health Authority and Multnomah and Washington counties say the outbreak currently affects a total of 48 of about 350 people who arrived in the Portland metro area on May 23 and 24 to harvest fruit from Townsend-owned sites in Fairview and Cornelius.

The workers are believed to have been exposed to the virus prior to coming to Oregon.

[COVID-19 Outbreak Linked To Seasonal Workers In Multnomah, Washington Counties,  Portland Tribune, May 28, 2020]

There we have it, China, and some nation likely south of the border, is not only the original source of the Chinese Flu, but illegal aliens, likely from Mexico or Central America, are spreading the Chinese Plague anew. Note the dates, months after the initial Chinese Virus infection landed, other illegal aliens are still spreading it.

While I can applaud the Trump Administration for closing the borders and immediately deporting illegal aliens caught at the border back to Mexico and Canada, and closing the border mostly to legal workers, sadly, some of the spreaders may be H-2B agricultural workers. But what is missing is that ICE SVU is failing to do interior enforcement and work-site raids to help shut down the spreading of the Wuhan Virus in the interior of the United States.

It is time for the border shutdown to expand to the interior. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has a responsibility during this pandemic panic to use this opportunity to crack down on illegal aliens inside the nation. Time to whip ICE SVU into action to save Americans from infection by an imported disease spread by imported aliens.

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