Trump v. Kritarchs: Daniel Horowitz’s Battle Plan
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Can anyone doubt federal judges will bar any immigration action Trump takes—the Constitution be damned?

It’s open war between Trump, trying to preserve what remains of America, and Leftist judges and lawyers seeking to replace it with the Third World. The latest tricks: pretend the U.S. Constitution grants, essentially, a right to immigrate to everyone in the world; and that President Trump’s executive intent must be judged not by their text, but by what candidate Trump may have said on the stump more than a year earlier.

Trump cannot trust the federal judiciary. The deck is plainly stacked. Both statute and precedent are clear that federal courts have no power to review the president’s exercise of his plenary power with respect to immigration. But America now has too many judges who, to advance the multicult and anti-white diversity, will intervene anyway.

Still, the president has other powers—and so does Congress (controlled, although you might not have noticed, by the GOP). One such is Congress’s power  to except matters from the jurisdiction of federal courts. Another is its power to impeach lawless judges.

At Conservative Review, the indispensable Daniel Horowitz offers a battle plan. Read it all! Here are selected action items:

  • Congress should pass a concurrent resolution to affirm presidential and congressional plenary power over immigration, and condemning these recent lawless rulings.
  • Exercise congressional power (provided in Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution) to strip the federal judiciary of jurisdiction in cases seeking to force the entry into the United States of any foreign national whom either of the political branches has chosen to exclude.
  • Impeach Judges Robart and Watson as well as other judges who violate rules of standing to impose their policy preferences and frustrate the president’s or Congress’s legitimate exercise of their plenary powers.
  • Statutorily eliminate lower courts’ ability to issue rulings that are binding outside their actual jurisdictions.
  • Break up the over-large Ninth Circuit! (Horowitz even suggests confining the San Francisco-based appeals court’s jurisdiction to a part of California, and moving the rest of its vast area under a new 12th I would break it up into more than two, and I would limit the Ninth to the state of California.

All great ideas. All, in fact, constitutionally redundant, but with Leftist lawlessness perverting the judicial branch all are now needed to begin restoring balance among the branches of the federal government.

Do Republican “leaders” such as Ryan and McConnell have the stomach for such a fight? Does Donald Trump?

Americans had better hope so, or the kritarchy has long warned against will indeed be our fate.





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