ICE SVU Failing To Use Cell Phone Tech Against Illegal Aliens
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The saboteurs at ICE SVU hate their job.  They don’t want to arrest illegal aliens and will go to any extent to not find and deport those illegal aliens.  Sadly, this has not changed in four years of the Trump Administration.  There are a number of ways to find illegal aliens in the United States.  The easiest is use of Social Security Administration (SSA) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) records related to tax withholding and tax filings.  Those records provide both employment and personal information that readily identifies illegal aliens, including work and home addresses—see George Will Wrong To Think DHS Would Need A "Network Of Informers" to Deport Illegals—Their Addresses Are On The Government Checks! Sadly, the Trump Administration is not using that data to increase enforcement.

Many illegal alien advocates are outraged that ICE SVU and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are using license plate reader data and data mining techniques in immigration enforcement.  But in one area both ICE SVU and CBP are refusing to use high tech to locate illegal aliens: their cell phones.  All illegal aliens have cell phones and obtaining their telephone numbers is not difficult; those numbers are usually available from private data collators like Choicepoint.

However, both ICE SVU and CBP are refusing to use a high tech device they already use in other investigations to locate and arrest illegal aliens by locating their mobile telephone, the international mobile subscriber identity device (IMSI), commercially available as Stingrays and other devices.

Despite breathless whining that ICE SVU and CBP are using the devices, illegal alien advocates discovered that IMSIs are not being used to identify, find, and arrest illegal aliens.

The release of these records — albeit with redactions — provides some helpful insights into what was previously an extremely secretive surveillance practice. For example, the documents provide multiple assertions that ICE and CBP are not using cell site simulators in civil immigration investigations.  [Emphasis added]

[ICE Records Confirm that Immigration Enforcement Agencies are Using Invasive Cell Phone Surveillance Devices, by Alexia Ramirez, ACLU, May 27, 2020]

The reason I've been calling them ICE SVU is that they have diverted Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE) resources from finding and deporting illegals to investigation of sex crimes that could either be handled by the local police, or do not exist.

When they say they're not using these tools in "civil immigration investigations" they mean they're using them for everything but their basic mission.

It is clear that the Deep State, especially at ICE SVU, does not want to do their jobs.  And not using available technology is one manner by which the Resistance in ICE SVU works to undermine the Trump Administration.

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