<i>Los Mets</i> Have Come Up With "Novel Flim-Flammery" To Defend Their Decision To Field Caribbean-Born Players
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On the first day of the Major League Baseball draft, Los Mets actually drafted a local white kid: Steven Matz from Setauket, Long Island.

An analyst on Los Mets' MLB website felt the need to address General Manager Omar Minaya's on-going neglect of (hostility toward) American kids in favor of Caribbean-born players. But he's dishonest about the Mets insatiable desire to sign Caribbean players. So the analyst mentions that Los Mets have an interest in the Latin American free agent market but also and comes up with this novel bit of rhetorical flim-flammery:

"Guys in the Northeast are sometimes hard to scout."[Video]
How is that? Is it because the Spanish-speaking scouts are down in Latin America, and the English-speaking scouts ... have been let go?

Do high school baseball teams in the Northeast only play one game per season while wearing Arctic parkas and masks?

This is more complete nonsense from the Mets and Minaya to defend their indefensible position of preferring—and signing—Caribbean-born players over equally qualified Americans.

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