Buchanan vote: Daily Kos suspends comment thread!
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As of 12-25 AM Wednesday morning the Daily Kos vote demanding Pat Buchanan be fired by MsnBC for allowing Peter Brimelow to speak at The American Cause conference this past weekend (see end of this) had logged an additional 451 votes since I appealed to VDARE’s friends to get involved just over 10 hours earlier. Of these, 53% (248) were against Pat and 47% (213) for him. This reduced the overall negative split to 66/31, a much better result than the 80/20 split earlier.

The Daily Kos has (suddenly) essentially stopped posting comments on this thread (only 13 since our appeal: 2.5% more to a 375 total, despite votes having risen 82% - none since 3:54PM)

On past experience this means they have been hit by the first seriously hostile submissions and are bewildered what to do.

Congratulations and thanks, VDARE.com friends.

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