"I Chose To Speak Up": $5k Matching Challenge Starts Now!
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Note from Lydia Brimelow: Today, I’m proud to announce the first of our next Donation Matching Challenge, from a donor who has become a close friend to VDARE.com over the years. This matching challenge was supposed to go live last week, but our plans were rudely interrupted by the news that our online donation processor wanted to ban us. We lawyered up and seem to have bought ourselves some time, but we don’t know how long this window of opportunity for online donations will last. Please give now if you want to do it by credit card because they could pull the plug at any moment.

I’ve decided to move forward with the Match Challenge despite this hanging threat because, frankly, the show must go on. We live in a censored world right now, but we can’t let it stop us from continuing the fight. And besides, this heroic donor has such wonderful things to say about VDARE.com I just can’t help but share it!

Dear Patriots,

I was introduced to VDARE by a patriot friend of mine from Connecticut. I’ve been a reader for nearly 20 years.

I was a National Review sort of conservative—advocating and donating to fight for lower taxes and get good government elected. Alas, when we’d win, nothing much would change, except how fast the progressive and PC ratchet tightened.

Eventually, I saw the core issue is demographic; how mass immigration has been diluting historic Americans like me to the point where we are becoming outsiders without a say in our own country. Immigration is a perfectly reasonable public policy debate that you can’t mention in polite company—unless you want to be labeled a racist, hating, uncaring, bigot.

I speak up anyway. As a father of four, I have to.

So does VDARE. Despite the slander, deplatforming, cancellations, harassment and facing overwhelming odds, VDARE keeps going. VDARE keeps producing editorial content that is well researched, insightful, fact-based, not-afraid and truthful. For most of the time, VDARE has been the lone, sober voice on immigration. And the message is getting out—immigration patriotism is breaking through. It is finally getting broadly talked about and when immigration policy finds its way onto a ballot, it wins.

I give every year because we need to spread the word and have a place where people can find others like them. Again, the forces lined up against immigration patriots are huge. But, to the disdain of many of our elite, there are still a lot of us prickly old Americans around.

I chose to speak up and I appreciate that VDARE continues to amplify and broadcast the message that we are not going away.

Onwards and upwards,

6 Year Donor From South Carolina

Every donation that comes in starting now, will be doubled in value up to $5,000 thanks to this hero!

Choose to speak up and be a part of the solution. Please give your most generous donation today!

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