Howard Stern Doesn’t Back "Opie & Anthony” Host, Cumia to Defy PC Police Anyway
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Shock jock Anthony Cumia of “Opie & Anthony” is the latest victim of the creeping totalitarianism but Howard Stern is refusing to support him. [Howard Stern Blows Off Chance to back Anthony Cumia, by Dan K, Empty Lighthouse, July 17, 2014] Still, rather than apologizing like Paula Deen, Cumia will be starting his own show on August 4th.

Cumia was recently fired after complaining on Twitter that he was attacked by a black person. Though he never used a racial slur, he did say that many criminals "prey on white people," speculated that the reason he was attacked was that "I WAS WHITE," and mockingly said that there is "deep seeded problem with violence in the black community. Try to address it and you'll be exiled to racistville."

Seemingly determined to prove his point, Gawker, a content aggregator for the perpetually offended, read from the usual script that Cumia’s tweets were a “racist, violent tirade.” [SiriusXM Host Claims "Cuntrag" Assaulted Him in Racist Twitter Rant, by Aleksander Chan, July 2, 2014]

Sirius fired him and released a statement calling his comments “abhorrent to SiriusXM, and… wholly inconsistent with what SiriusXM represents.” [SiriusXM Fires Anthony Cumia, Host Of 'Opie & Anthony,' Over Tweets, by Krishnadev Calamur, NPR, July 4, 2014]

Cumia has said he “will never apologize for this” because “I didn’t do anything wrong.” Furthermore, “If it happened again, I would do the same thing.” [Anthony Cumia Defends Himself on Fox’s Red Eye: I Wasn’t Being Racist!, by Matt Willstein, Mediaite, July 12, 2014]

Cumia’s new show will be funded by listeners, many of whom have already cancelled their Sirius subscriptions. Sirius, already reeling, may have been dealt a death blow by their politically correct cowardice. [Anthony Cumia Fired: Is This The Beginning of the End for SiriusXM?By Daniel Klin, Motley Fool, July 15, 2014] If he’s successful, Cumia will be free of the corporate advertisers who easily bend when faced with ethnic pressure groups.

While Glenn Beck is hardly a role model for immigration patriots, the fact that he was able to create a financially successful independent media empire together after losing his job with Fox News was inspiring. [Smaller Audience, Bigger Payoff For Glenn Beck, by David Folkenflik, NPR, September 21, 2012] Cumia is following this model.

Though a shock jock won’t save the country, if more media celebrities follow his lead, the politically correct stranglehold could finally be broken – and we could finally talk about the issues that matter. Too bad Stern won’t be joining him.





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