Howard Industries: For McCain A Question, For ALIPAC Applause
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Mr. and Mrs. Billy Howard, respectively CEO and President of Howard Industries, are a working couple who know how to get things done. Married two years after Billy founded the firm, they have built up a company in the difficult field of manufacturing which according to Wikipedia has a net worth of nearly $1 billion.( Howards building businesses with 'windows of opportunity' By Jeter, Lynne Wilbanks The Mississippi Business Journal Monday, June 12 2000 )

Now they hold the distinction of providing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with its biggest ever catch on an enforcement raid (U.S. immigration cops nab 595 in largest-ever raid Reuters Tuesday Aug 26th 2008).

So it is instructive to see how they deploy themselves politically. Answer: Mrs. Howard is a maxed-out donor to John McCain. (Her husband made no Presidential donations)

Question: Will anyone in the MSM ask McCain to comment on the Howard Industries scandal, and whether he thinks his former Amnesty enthusiasm had any connection with Howard's support?

Meantime, turning to that section of the media which actually does its job, congratulates our old friend William Gheen's operation ALIPAC on a tremendous related scoop. Their discussion thread on the Howard raid was joined by a worker in the plant using the name ICEFAN, who at last count has posted 23 illuminating items (starting on Page 2), including footage and some acidic comment:

Yeah, I work at Howard Ind. and ICE finally came!!! It was awesome. Helicopter, hundreds of agents, made my day.  I.C.E. finally enforces our immigratin laws at Howard Ind. in Laurel, MS Not sure really of the exact numbers working at Howard's but it is well over a thousand for sure.
All I can say is it is about time...Couldn't have come at a better time as the Company was about to break it off in us. We are currently renegotiating our contract with the company and with all the non-union illegal aliens that WERE working here we didn't have much of a foot to stand on. WE DO NOW!!!!
... I believe Mr. Humberto Gonzales (personal director, go figure) will probably end up being the patsy when all this is said and done. I'm sure the Howard's will be saying, "What? You mean they're all illegal? We never would have hired them if we had known that!" Yeah, V******V!! They knew they were illegal. They're a bunch of damn liars if they say otherwise
...hopefully, ICE stick around a while and try to get more. They've totally seized all the employee records, ka-ching!... This was better than Christmas. Hopefully, we'll be able to negotiate a contract which is fair, now that our replacements have been removed!!
  ...They were a few people short today. In fact, not a lot of transformers were manufactured today. I'm proud to say that there are plenty of job openings available. Lots of Americans are applying for jobs. On my way out of the plant today, I saw around 60 Americans anxious to be gainfully employed lined up in the hallway of the Personal Dept. Many more Americans from the surrounding area will surely be applying for jobs.
ICEFAN attracted a neighbor, AmericanMomma (P5)
How refreshing to have this happen in MY hometown and to happen at MY previous employer.I worked in management at Howard for 10 years, and just left there about a year ago.
Day after day, I would watch the illegals line up to apply and test (well, to have the personnel manager - Humberto Gonzales - help them to apply and test). Week after week, I would watch the plant formen be required to take Spanish language classes in order to communicate with these people. Month after month, because of the position I was in, I watched what was once a quality product go down the drain...and thus, because I was in direct contact with the customer on a daily basis, have to make up excuses as to WHY so I wouldn't lose my job.
So, like ICEFAN, I say WAY TO GO, ICE!...350 isn't even HALF of what they could've gotten.
I even went to Walmart (where you normally can't even get down the aisles because there are SO MANY ILLEGALS...and where one stole my purse earlier this year and two tried to steal my cart full of already-paid-for groceries last year), and I didn't see the first Hispanic person in the entire store...and I was in there for about an hour. I'd forgotten what it was like to not be completely surrounded by people speaking Spanish! It was SO awesome!
Now, I'm not totally naive. I know it won't stay like this, but TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY TO LIVE IN LAUREL. It was like old-times.
Three Cheers for Americans for Legal Immigration (ALIPAC) ICEFAN and AmericanMomma! The Internet - 21st Century America's Kentucky Long Rifle
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