How Long Can Limbaugh Avoid Reflecting His Audience's Anger At GOP's "Leadership "?
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I noted yesterday that with Romney  and the Congressional Republicans MIA in the face of Obama’s immigration lawlessness the only prominent champion Patriots have has turned out to be Rush Limbaugh.

(I do not have amplifying equipment powerful enough to agree with Federale that Senator Kyl’s mumblings about impeachment amount to anything.)

Limbaugh is not giving up. The transcript for Tuesday’s broadcast is as ferocious and fluent a denunciation as one could wish: The Regime Refuses to Enforce the Border and Tells the State of Arizona to Go to Hell June 26, 2102

What happened here? All that happened here is there are federal immigration laws on the books that the federal government is not enforcing because the Democrat Party — losing traditional American voters in droves, left and right — needs as many foreign citizens and illegal immigrants to come into this country as possible to be converted into voters…

The President of the United States does not want immigration laws enforced. It's just that simple, folks. He does not want immigration laws enforced. The liberals in this country, the Democrat Party need a perpetual underclass. And I guess they're not content with the perpetual underclass that they have created in this country with the economic destruction that they have authored. They want even more.

A long-standing theme!

What is conspicuously missing though is any comment on the supine GOP leadership. This was well provided on Tuesday by the alert Daniel Horowitz at RedState: Obama Terminates 287(g) Immigration Enforcement Program. Anyone Home?

On December 8, 2010, using the proper legal channels to change our immigration laws, the Democrat-controlled House passed the DREAM Act.  Just 4.5% of Republicans supported it…A week later, the bill failed to win 60 votes in the Senate, as only 3 Republicans supported it…

That was 18 months ago.  Now, after Obama has illegally implemented administrative amnesty to reflect that law that failed to pass the Senate, Republicans are largely silent…Not only are they terrified to oppose the underlying policy…most of them have issued only a tepid response to Obama’s end-run around Congress.

Horowitz draws the right conclusion:

One would think that Republicans would jump on this appalling disregard of our laws. Unlike the first administrative amnesty granted a few weeks ago, this one essentially grants amnesty to everyone – even those who came here from “a fault of their own....

We keep hearing this bromide about the need to exhibit “a laser-like focus on the economy.” But does that mean we should completely cede the field on other issues, even to the extent that high-profile Republicans are prohibited from issuing a one-line press release? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you telegraph the message to your opponent that you will not fight him on an issue, he will walk right in without a shot fired. Obama observed the flaccid response to his administrative “Dream Act” and concluded that he could take it to the next level. And as long as he smells blood in the water, he will continue to do so.

Limbaugh did not want to deviate from the Establishment Republican line. He has clearly done so because his audience is incensed. But as a glance at any comment thread shows, American Patriots are rapidly getting as angry at the GOP leadership as they are with the Obamacrats. No one is in a better position to see this than the heavily-called Limbaugh.

How long can the biggest talk show in the country avoid reflecting this rage?

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