Hmore Hmulticulturalism
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Hmulticulturalism is chugging right along in Sheboygan, where local Hmong have wangled a state bill that would require their history be taught to American children [Bill would require lessons on Hmong, By Eric LaRose, Sheboygan Press, March 5, 2006].

Members of the Sheboygan Hmong community are hoping to draw attention to a state Assembly bill that would require lessons in Hmong history in social studies classes in Wisconsin public schools, though the bill's co-author says there is little chance it will be passed this session.

Some might think school time could better be better spent learning more pressing subjects — math and science for example — but hmulticulturalists are promoting an educational curriculum filled with diversity rather than American values.

The demand of an insignificant tribe for special recognition is exactly what Teddy Roosevelt warned against when he said he wanted no hyphenated Americans, which would lead to a "tangle of squabbling nationalities."

In other diversity news, interior design students are now taught how to be culturally sensitive when they produce home plans [Students' housing designs made with cultures in mind, By Kevin McCahill, The Minnesota Daily, March 6, 2006].

Hadjiyanni cited the example of Hmong families, which typically cook with a lot of spices. Because of the open layout of American-style houses, the smells permeate the entire home. [...]

Interior design junior Sarah Josephson said religion played a major role in designing the spaces, especially for the Somali culture. Because of Muslim faith, genders often are kept separate, which had to be considered.

In this they are following the lead of medical professionals who have been propagandized into bending their procedures to the sometimes primitive beliefs of uneducated people.

There is no mention of whether Hmong and Somali polygamy is considered in home design, say with separate apartments for each wife. (Both these groups have been welcomed as immigrants even though their multi-wifing is illegal, often with a wink and nod.)

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