Hispanic Obama-Appointed Kritarch Strikes Again: Raises Ridiculous Objections To Texas Voter ID Law
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On Monday, a federal district judge, Obama-appointee Nelva Gonzales Ramos,(the daughter of Mexican immigrants)  opined—for the second time - that Texas’s Voter ID law was intended to discriminate against black and Hispanic voters, and is unconstitutional.

Ramos has been here before, ruling to the same effect in 2014. When her first ruling went to the Fifth Circuit, the federal appeals court for Texas, that court remanded the case to her and directed her to review the evidence to see if the discriminatory intent she alleged was in fact there. The Fifth Circuit’s concern was that Ramos relied on previous history of discrimination rather than studying the statute itself.

Ramos did and—no surprise—concluded again that Republicans wrote the law to discriminate against non-whites. Moreover, as Texas is in the process of revising the state’s voter ID law anyway, Ramos had no need to reach any conclusion. As a practical matter the question is moot.

But Ramos, despite being placed on the federal bench by Barack Hussein Obama (with the support, one should note, of Texas’s two establishment-Republican senators, Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn), doesn’t limit herself to mere judging. Ramos is one of America’s ruling guild of kritarchs, Mexican section. This critarca’s aim is to advance Leftist judges’ unconstitutional war against immigration enforcement and America’s border security.

Ramos is the daughter of Mexican immigrants, whose legality I couldn’t determine. Based on her handling of this case, Veasey v. Abbott, where (echoing Eric “My People” Holder) she described the Texas voter law’s modest ID requirements as a form of poll tax, it’s evident Ramos is a political actor for her Mexican and other Latin American kindred, at the expense of the American majority.

Look at Texas’s easily met requirements Nelva Gonzales Ramos claims amount to a “poll tax”:

Requires voters to provide one of the following forms of photo identification in order to vote (Sec. 14):

Driver's license;

Personal identification card;

United States military identification card;

United States citizenship certificate that contains a photograph;

United States passport; or

A license to carry a concealed handgun.

Authorizes voters who cannot provide identification to cast provisional ballots (Sec. 9).

Requires voters who cast provisional ballots because they do not meet identification requirements to provide photo identification within six days of the date of the election (Sec. 18).

Anyone who cannot produce one of those is an illegal alien or dead. And if you can’t provide one of those six permissible IDs, Texas lets you vote anyway! Is Texas going to stage voter raids six days after elections to round up proof? I wish, but I doubt it.

Yet even those loose requirements are too tight for Nelva Gonzales Ramos. The only conclusion: Judge Ramos wants illegal voting to continue and legislates from the bench to abet it.

The solution: impeachment!

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