Hispanic Family Values: National Review Says Ending Birthright Citizenship Will Cause Abortions
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I recently wrote about how the open borders lobby is getting increasingly anxious about increased opposition to Birthright Citizenship. Their concerns are increasing as Senators with pro-amnesty records such as John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are calling for ending birthright citizenship.

Writing at National Review, former Cheney aide Cesar Conda comes up with an incredibly novel argument: ending birthright citizenship will cause abortions,

But wearing my other hat as the co-chair of the Susan B. Anthony List's executive committee (though speaking strictly for myself), my biggest fear is that Graham's proposal, if enacted by constitutional amendment or by statute, will lead to more abortions: Undocumented immigrants with unplanned pregnancies might choose to have abortions instead of risking apprehension by the police or government immigration agents (not to mention possible deportation down the line) at the hospital maternity ward. Some women terminate their pregnancies for less serious and sometimes superficial reasons. It also might encourage women to have unsafe births outside of a hospital setting. [Birthright Citizenship and Abortion, Cesar Conda, National Review Online, August 4, 2010]

No one is suggesting that ICE agents wait at the maternity ward. Rather that we do not give US Citizen birth Certificates to the children of illegal aliens.

Ultimately, Conda 's argument boils down to the fact that anything that does not give incentives for childrearing in the United States will lead to abortions.

This logic could be used in support for any big government program ostensibly to benefit mothers and children. Ending TANF, SCHIP, cutting back on Medicaid, socialized healthcare etc. could more plausibly compel a woman into having an abortion than not giving their children citizenship. And of course, birthright citizenship is the ultimate welfare program.

I also need to note that, for all the "strong family values" that Hispanics are supposed to possess, I would think that they would think that US Citizenship would not be the only thing in between them and an abortionist.

Yet somehow even with birthright citizenship, Hispanics already have disproportionately high levels of teen pregnancy, abortions, and illegitimacy.

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