Helen Thomas, the MSM, and Free Speech
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Members of the White House Correspondents Association are apparently having hysterics over the now famous remark by Hearst Newspaper's 89-year old Helen Thomas that the

”Jews need to get the hell out of Palestine”.

WHCA Outraged by Helen Thomas, Considers Punishment Mediabistro.com By Matt Dornic Jun 07, 2010


Suggested responses to Thomas' gaffe ranged from a WHCA-issued statement to revocation of her White House press pass… it seems likely that the board will take some action.

…Thomas' fate with the association will be determined today. The WHCA board has encouraged members to discuss at the White House throughout the day or to individually email their opinions on the matter so that the board will be in a better position to determine an appropriate response.

VDARE.com, which recognizes that America and its institutional heritage — including Free Speech - were substantially the creation of men from Britain — wonders what the response would be if a WHCA member was recorded saying that the British should get the hell out of Ireland?

Mediabistro is helpfully offering a poll How should the WHCA respond to Helen Thomas gaffe? The alternatives are Pass revocation, formal denunciation, and acceptance of her apology. (For some reason, the logical possibility that she might be correct is not offered as an option.)

The Land of the Free!

Contact The White House Correspondents Association.

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