Heeding Grassroots, NATIONAL REVIEW Demands No Conference On Immigration Bill. Can They Be Trusted?
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Amnesty Truck

H/T One Old Vet

In general, VDARE.com has a low opinion of National Review editor Rich Lowry, seeing him as a corruptly opportunistic minion of Conservatism Inc and its owners. But he has been unwaveringly hostile to this year’s Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration push.

And now he deserves credit for running a forceful editorial No Conference National Review August 14, 2014

House Republicans understandably want to show that they favor their own set of reforms rather than oppose anything and everything. But incremental bills are destructive if their ultimate purpose is to get to a conference committee that would bless a version of the Gang of Eight bill… there is a simple way to allay our fears and those of other opponents of the Gang of Eight — for Speaker Boehner to make a blood-oath commitment to oppose any conference committee.

This editorial is interesting because it shows some awareness of a favorite theme of VDARE.com (and of Senator Jeff Sessions too)– the need for the GOP to attract white working class aka Reagan Democrat voters.

Republicans need to win more Latino voters, but the party won’t do it without developing greater appeal to all working-class voters — and flooding the labor market with cheap workers at the behest of Internet moguls and other business interests is not the way to do it.

Here I detect the influence of Mark Krikorian.

Also most impressive is the blistering fury expressed in the enormous comment thread


Out here in the "grassroots" I know one thing — if any form of amnesty passes, the lack of principle will profoundly depress GOP voters and they will stay home en masse in 2014. Write it down, place your bets, because its a sure thing.

As I said in The Lowry/Kristol Odd Couple Stunt: What Do They Fear? which also advocated a no conference strategy

Being far more knowledgeable about the Republican base than the Republican Establishment Princes they are aware that the grassroots are ablaze with rage about being betrayed – and are in a mood to punish. Their credibility and franchises could be destroyed.

So now the question is: how much will the other side offer?

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