Harrassment of Immigration Reformers Continues
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Yesterday, Sunday, I was invited to speak at an informal meeting held at Westminster (suburb north of Denver), a meeting of talkshow host (KHNC-AM) Michael Corbin's audience, held in Jackson's All American Sportbar.[Contact them here]

60 people attended, ordered food, and I took the mike as one of many speakers. I gave out the ICE tip line to report the Mayor's restaurant's hiring of illegals when suddenly, a Latino (now identified as the kitchen manager) grabbed the microphone with me and told me we would all have to leave immediately. We did.

Corbin was told they did not like the topic of my talk. We agreed to reconvene at a nearby city (public) park: Westminster Recreation Center, outside in 90+ degree heat, with many of our audience being in the 70s! As we found some shade, various speakers discussed their particular topics (911 coverup,corporate takeover of governmental process, etc.) a police officer appeared out of nowhere (the parking lot was a 2 block walk from where we convened to say that we had to disperse, that our meeting and topics were "inappropriate" for this PUBLIC PARK!

This will no doubt get some coverage. Corbin will cover it on his show today, Terry Anderson gave Corbin five minutes last night, and Corbin had already appeared on a local station with John Andrews last night. I believe AT LEAST the Westminster Police Dept. violated our rights.....

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