Happy St Finbar's Day! And Lancelot Andrewes Day!! (Oh—And Rosh Hashanah...
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Happy St. Finbar's Day! On September 25, my wife's Roman Catholic Church celebrates Finbar of Cork, 550-620, whose name means "white head", a nickname caused by his unusually fair hair...if that's not too un-PC to mention nowadays. It naturally makes me think of my son, Alexander, my one (1) reference to his blond hair in Alien Nation, in the unimpeachable context of the absurdity of immigrants getting Affirmative Action preferences at the expense of the native-born, and the telling WASP-hatred this revealed among so many reviewers.

In my own profoundly troubled Episcopal Church, it's the Feast of Lancelot Andrewes (1555-1626), Bishop of Winchester and a key force behind the King James Version. Fittingly, given the recent Scottish referendum, Andrewes was a favorite of the eponymous King James VI and I, the Scottish monarch who inherited the English crown in a sort of reverse takeover, and he tried with James to persuade the Scots to accept Episcopacy rather than Presbyterianism. Needless to say this failed, symbolizing Scotland's successful if paradoxical continuing independence within union.

Oh, and it's also Rosh Hashanah.

This isn't a War On Rosh Hashanah to counter the War On Christmas. But it has now become a multicultural must to step on Christmas by never mentioning it except in connection with other “holidays”, notably Hanukkah, aptly described by American Heritage's Frederic Schwarz (December 2000) as the “Jewish Kwanzaa”. Somehow, however, the MSM neglects to provide the nearest Saint's day in the Christian calendar to each year's Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Passover—there are a lot of saints!—so it has become a VDARE.com service (as so often) to fill the gap.

Still, unlike the unpleasant War On Christmas perpetrators, VDARE.com does wish everyone a Happy—sincerely.


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