Fox, Drudge Notice: Non-White Immigration + Affirmative Action = Disaster For White Americans
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In a refreshing development, Fox News has given extensive publicity to one of the most outrageous aspects of excessive immigration by non-whites: their ability of hop on the Affirmative Action gravy train:

University Insiders: Illegal Immigrants Get Affirmative Action By Maxim Lott May 17, 2011

This week, Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley signed a bill to require the state's public universities to give undocumented aliens — generally illegal — in-state tuition privileges…

But critics argue that the bill will give illegal aliens better treatment than Americans and legal immigrants — thanks to existing diversity policies at universities.

University of Maryland (College Park) computer science Prof. James Purtilo told that, during his time as an associate dean, he frequently saw admission officers favor students because of their ”undocumented” status…

It was just the norm," Purtilo added, "that obviously we need more of these students [undocumented aliens]… 'this student has a real story to tell' would be a common thing the admissions officers would say. Or that 'they're enriching the College Park experience.'"

Professor Purtilo is a brave man. He has the courage to be explicit:
Purtilo said that one reason he is speaking out about his university’s practices is that he feels they are unfair to U.S. citizens.

”Too bad for the very well prepared student, a U.S. citizen and taxpayer in this state, whose parents might once have thought their kids should have a shot at the flagship campus,” he said.

I hope he has tenure — he will need it. Applaud Professor Purtilo.

The nexus between Immigration and Affirmative Action has long been a pet peeve of Peter Brimelow’s. He directly discussed it in Alien Nation Pages 217-218. But it has been very rare to see it mentioned in the MSM.

And the reporter did an excellent job, allowing Steve Camarota of CIS to formulate the issue precisely:

Almost everyone who would benefit from the DREAM act would also benefit from affirmative action,” Steven Camarota, the research director for the think tank Center for Immigration Studies told…

”We have to ask the question: Can you have mass immigration and affirmative action? Does that lead to a just social policy?”

(Of course, what Steve means is non-white immigration, but CIS is too chicken for him to be able to say so.)

Also by digging up some blood pressure-raising facts

A study of selective universities by Princeton sociologists Thomas Espenshade and Alexandria Radford found that listing one’s race as ”Hispanic” instead of ”White” increased the likelihood of being admitted by the same amount as scoring an extra 130 points on the SAT.
Even more encouraging is that the Drudge Report prominently featured this story all day — at present it has 1,033 comments. Drudge lives by knowing what its readers care about, so this is a very good sign.

Eventually even the politicians will notice.

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