Guess Who Doesn't Want Mexican Immigration Now? Mexico, That's Who!
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This is from the Dallas Morning News article that Allan Wall discussed below:

Primitivo Rodr?­guez, a Mexico City resident who attended the meeting, said he worries that it's too late for the Mexican government to try a new strategy, and many Mexicans may soon be returning to a country unable to provide good-paying jobs.

"There is a tsunami, not a thunderstorm, coming toward us, and I don't think the government has a plan," said Mr. Rodr?­guez, coordinator of the Coalition for the Political Rights of Mexicans Abroad, which has members in Chicago, Los Angeles and Houston. "What will Mexico do with so many unhappy, desperate people? Mexico is simply not prepared for what's coming next."[ Mexico To Bolster Immigrant Defense by Alfredo Corchado and Dianne Solis, October 4th, 2007]

If you are an American, you aren't allowed to say that you're being flooded with immigrants. It's considered racist, by the people who make a living considering things racist. Apparently if you're a Mexican, it's different.

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